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Laughing Berry Tours

Laughing Berry Tours features an independent, guided tour of Metlakatla and its natural, cultural, and historical features.


Our guides are well-versed in Metlakatla’s history and culture. You will enjoy first-hand viewing of Tsimshian totem poles throughout the community as well as the many historical buildings and other landmarks. Each stop provides a multitude of photographic opportunities. Your tour will make your experience in Metlakatla a memorable one as you ride in one of our comfortable air-conditioned vans.

Sights may include all or part of the following:

  • Purple Mountain and Waterfall

  • Tsimshian totem poles

  • Yellow Hill

  • World War II airfield, control tower, and hanger

  • Indigenous plant life and a look at a beach or two

  • Churches and other town historic buildings

After your tour, you will be brought to the Laughing Berry Gift Shop for an opportunity to learn a bit about the artistry of Metlakatla and perhaps to purchase items to either take back home with you or to have mailed to you. Depending on the amount of time available to you before you have to leave, you will be free to walk about Metlakatla and see any sights you might wish to see on your own. You could also rent a vehicle from Metlakatla Car Rentals and expand your experience. There are totem poles located around town you might want to photograph. (Please do respect individuals’ property and avoid trespassing). You might wish to climb Yellow Hill or take advantage of the fast food restaurant for lunch at the Mini Mart.


When your Annette Island experience is concluded we will take you back to your hotel or your point of arrival for a timely departure.


Call or text: (907) 723-9835


Laughing Berry Tours Accepts:

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